EyeBelieve Intuitive Messages

Intuitive Messages, EyeBelieve

Choose a number/item you are drawn to ~ scroll down to reveal detailed intuitive messages

1/Sand potion ~ FORGIVE
Think about others who may have wronged you, hurt you or mistreated you, even if that person is yourself….deepen into love, compassion and understanding and forgive.

When you do this, this does not mean you are saying what has happened to you is/was ok, right or excusable. It means that you acknowledge what has happened, bless it and in doing so, not only heal yourself, but others and the world.

Connect with your graceful heart which will aid you in being able to forgive yourself and others with grace and ease. When you do this, you call back home your Power!

2/Crystal ball ~ PROCESS
Life and in all things there is a process, a type of reciprocation, an ebb and flow. You may have been ignoring this recently or lost touch with this rhythm in your life.

It’s time to realign, to connect back in and remember you are a part of this process if life

Trust the process of life. Know that the Universe, your guides and your intuition fully supports you. Your soul knows! What is it saying to you? What are the next steps for you to take in this process?

3/Bubbly cauldron ~ GROUNDED
Things may have been feeling uneasy for you lately but your hard work is paying off. You will soon become more aligned, balanced and rooted. Your chakras will start to align, open and spin in just the right ways to support you in your life.

Harness this re-balancing and use this energy to intermingle with Mother Earth to be Divinely guided.

Know that everything in your life works for your greatest and highest good and that the Universe is constantly conspiring in your favor.

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