3 Steps to Incorporate Gratitude into your Life Daily

3 Steps to Gratitude, EyeBelieve

1.) Sunrise Stillness Gratitude
Upon rising in the morning, even before your feet touch the floor, right
before that first thought tries to pop in and then a bunch more like popcorn
popping around. Right before that. Give thanks for simply waking upon
another new day. Really feel in your body, mind and Soul the Gravitas (a
given gift, grace and Gratitude) you have been given. Maybe you give
thanks for your comfortable bed, pillow and blanket, your home, family,
children, how far you’ve grown and how far you’ve come in this very
moment. Give thanks for the adventure this new day will bring and give
thanks for the unexpected good news you will receive today. If you’re
having a hard time thinking of something, simply notice the steps you take
as you get out of bed; what are you doing to get dressed in the morning, to
shower, brush your teeth, comb you hair, and put clothes on. All of these
are things to be grateful for, individually and collectively. This is how you
can bring Gratitude into your stillness before the day starts.

2.) Motion Gratitude
Throughout the day, when you notice something that makes you feel
comfortable, happy, feel safe, appreciated, etc. give thanks for that. This
can be something you see, something you do or experience. More
importantly when you’re feeling the opposite of those wonderful feelings,
such as if you are feeling upset, concerned or unsure; give Gratitude for
those things in those moments and give Gratitude for the things that are
going well. Gratitude doesn’t work when you give Gratitude in only good or
easy times. Gratitude “works” when we embody the essence of Gratitude
during the high and low; the ebb and flow of life. You may want to carry a
notepad or journal around with you and write down things that happen
throughout the day. This may help if you are struggling to see what you
have to be thankful for or to open your eyes to the many, many wonderful
blessings we are given. You can give thanks and appreciation for your eyes
and eyesight, ears and hearing, the ability to see the sunrise and sunset,

for the air that you breathe that keeps you alive, for clean water and food,
for the moon and the stars. Maybe you have an appreciation for dance,
music art, technology, electricity, healing, for your children, family, friends
or your job. This is motion Gratitude in action.

3.) Winding Down Reflection Gratitude
Once you are winding down for the day, as you are getting ready for bed,
or, after you’ve laid down to fall asleep for the day, take time for Gratitude.
Take time to reflect back on your day, say out loud or in your head, thank
you to all of the day’s offerings. Give Gratitude for the expected and
unexpected experiences you’ve had. Sometimes, if we’ve experienced a
less desirable day, we can replay the day back in our minds and watch it
happen in a more pleasant way. This can help ease and calm the mind
around some of the negative energy that may be built up. Gratitude can
help relieve stress, worry, and anxiety, feeling the need for control and
other negative emotions and thoughts. Once you have given Gratitude for
the day and reflected, you can also give Gratitude for the next day to come
as well.

Gratitude fills our hearts with the essence of love, thankfulness,
appreciation, a knowing that things will be okay. Giving Gratitude can
happen in so many ways, we can think it in or minds, write it down on
paper, sticky notes or in a journal. We can verbally give Gratitude as well
as use our positive actions to show Gratitude. We can really breathe in and
out Gratitude in any given moment. Give Gratitude for the things that don’t
seem the greatest, because those things, are usually what’s called a
blessing in disguise. And a blessing in disguise is often a gift that opens us
up to more growth, healing, and more Gratitude.

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