Lions Gate

Lions Gate

The Lions Gate Portal is a Powerful Spiritual charged day with energy streaming down to Earth from the star Sirius. The Lions Gate 8 represents infinity and we are on an infinite Soul journey. During this time, light codes will be revealed, we will receive potent waves of energy and downloads assisting us in activating our Heart and 3rd Eye Chakra and activate both our personal and planetary ascension. Now is the time to claim your Power, step into you Sovereignty and tune into higher energetic frequencies to aid in a higher level of consciousness.

During this time you may experience:
– Abundance of signs & synchronicity
– Intense Déjà vu & a sense of “knowing”
– Vivid dreams & sleep disturbances
– Powerful emotional feelings or anxiety
– People from your past coming back into your life
– Ringing in your ears
– Forgetfulness
– Time slows or jumps
– Sensing energy as flashes sparks or orbs
– Strong sense of appreciation and gratitude
– Becoming aware of old patterns & conditioning

– To aid experiences during this powerful time:
– Go into nature
– Meditate
– Journal
– Take time to be alone if needed
– Stay hydrated (avoid caffeine/alcohol)
– Consume high vibrational foods
– Take saltwater baths

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