Universal Year 3 ✨

Universal Yea 3, 2019

In numerology, each calendar year adds up to a single-digit number, which resonates at a unique vibration. We all feel this energy, and it’s called the Universal Year.

A Universal Year in numerology is an energetic frequency set for the year, found by adding up the current year and reducing it down to a one-digit number.

Add the individual numbers of the current year together:

2019 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12

Then reduce again:

1+ 2 = 3

This year, 2019 is a 3 Universal Year

Universal Years 1-9 is a complete journey cycle. It’s a good idea to look at the surrounding years to see what energies we just came out of (and if you really want to, you can see what energies lie ahead).

In 2018, was an 11/2 Universal Year. Added, 2018 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11, 11 is a Master number, then reduce again, 1 + 1 = 2. Some numerologists do not reduce the Master numbers, making 2018 an 11Universal Year. Other numerologists reduce the down, and so you may see years with master number written for example, 11/2. The theme of 2018 was initiation, partnership, humidity and patience.

2020’s Universal Year is 3. The theme of 2020 will be about abundant experiences, delight, creative expansion.

So if we take that into consideration for where that puts us this year in 2019, were in a pretty sweet spot. 2019 3 Universal Year is all about personal fulfillment, growth, creativity and self-expression. 2018 was the initiator of our personal and interpersonal relationships, joy, fulfillment and creative expression and 2002 is going to take it full speed ahead!

⥼ Taurus is most affected by the change in the 3 year ⥽

↣ Purpose fulfillment (universal energy supports this)

↣ Personal happiness, deeper meanings

↣ Personal boundaries

↣ Discover

↣ Create

↣ In the spotlight n some way

↣ Energy, confidence, spiced up

↣ Detect & deep healing & resolve (especially 1st quarter into 2nd quarter)

↣ Feel what I feel & express naturally

↣ “Feel the fear 7 do it anyway”

↣ Uncovering a new side of self

↣ Individuality, Expression

↣ Optimistic, communication, creation

↣ “What I desire is attainable”

↣ Potential fully realized

↣ Clarity on goals and messaging

⥼ Ideas & plans started about two years ago will show signs of progress ⥽

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