EyeBelieve Intuitive Messages

Choose a number/item you are drawn to ~ scroll down to reveal detailed intuitive messages

1/ ~ Mysterious Mask
We all wear masks to some degree. They are not necessarily a “bad” thing, however, when we blindly go through life putting one down and picking one up, that’s what marks the difference.

There is no need to fear your own truth. Put down all of your masks and feel yourself; the raw, all natural, naked self. What does it feel like to be here, in this place. If it feels awkward or you do not like it, that could be a sign of yourself calling yourself to bring yourself home. If you feel excited, confident, or curious, this could be a sign that you have or are currently working with your “ways” in a positive and healthy way.

It is time to become consciously aware of what masks you have, which ones are serving you, and which ones are you serving. Take back your power and utilize masks that enhance your natural beauty, talents, skills, and desires.

2/ ~ Captivating Crystals
There is something specific that you have been asking to be revealed to you. Maybe it’s an inner calling, you have been journaling/meditating on it, or consciously calling it in.

The unveiling is coming, it may be here today. What we begin to see/pay attention to is what really matters. Are you paying attention? What signs or guidance have you been noticing. This will being for the authentic truth.

You will see this truth that is meant for you and you only. Others may see the same or similar things, but the meaning and the message will be specific to you, remember to stay grounded and remain in your discernment, don’t be swayed. It is your unique and personal perspective that impacts our reality and causes ripples of truth.

3/ ~ Precious Potion
It’s almost as if you have drank the potion that has allowed you to see past the veils and see into the realms of a new paradigm.

You are taking responsibility to weave a Universal “potion” showing humanity its beautiful truth, to face all that we have been suppressing and to expand and integrate; to do the work!

The Magic you are expressing is helping others to also take responsibility and to release that which no longer serves; individually and collectively.

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