🌑 New Moon in Libra | Supermoon

New Moon in Libra, September 28th, 2019

This New Moon in Libra on Saturday, September 28th, 2019 is also a supermoon; meaning the emotions arising from this new moon will have extra impact and resonance. At 11:27am PST the Sun and Moon will be meeting at 5 degrees Libra. During any New Moon, it is a potent time for magic and creativity since the Sun and the Moon conjoin and their polar energies combine. Harness this energy to set intentions, to enchant your life, to start something new and to let go. New Moons bring with it a loving wave of a fresh start and new beginnings.

Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus, it is the sign of fair-mindedness and indecisiveness. Libra’s can seem like they just don’t know what they are gentle, caring, warm and sweet, then avoidant, detached and distant. You may notice if you are a Libra, or have Libra’s in your life, that they show confidence in wanting to commit to something, but then all of a sudden don’t want to feel like they have to sign the dotted line and want their freedom and flirtations of life instead.

The New Moon in Libra is creating a beautiful mood of love and romance, of generosity and benevolence. It beckons you to shed light on wounds to heal them, it is calling you to decide and not to sit on the fence.

During this New Moon, Venus in Libra will be sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius making this an absolutely magical and wonderful time for spell work (or intention setting, journaling, calling-in) around receiving prosperity and good fortune. Since this New Moon will oppose Chiron Rx in Aries, use this time to shed the light (healing light) onto your wounds. Let go of your old karmic patterns, of your old relationship wounds; deepen into the Spirit of the Goddesses Guan Yin and Clementia (compassion and forgiveness).

During this New Moon, there will also be an energetic pull on you making a final decision. On the same day of the new moon, Saturn will cross the south node in Capricorn. This will have you feeling like you need to, or it is actually time to make a final decision so that you can grow, so that you can evolve past the indecisiveness and move into the next phase of life. Saturn is also about boundaries, so the decision making you are feeling is also in many ways a new boundary you are setting and a refinement in your discernment.

The New Moon in Libra is asking you:
What decisions do you need to make?
What part of your life needs your full commitment?
What intentions are you setting?
Where are you taking action to make positive changes in your life?
How are you reclaim your power, your time and energy?
Are you carving you time for your Yes, for you desires and passions?
Who are the people who truly support you?

New Moon in Libra for your Human Design:
Generator | Wait to Respond
Decide to balance yourself

Manifesting Generator | Wait to Respond/Test
Shed healing light onto your wounds

Manifestor | To Inform
Support yourself and others

Projector | Wait for the Invitation (once invited/recognized)
Spell work (journaling or intention setting) for receiving

Reflector | Wait 28 days/Wait a Lunar Cycle
Be impartial and sociable

Moon phases for September 2019 EDT:
First Quarter ~ September 5th @ 11:10pm
Full Moon ~ September 14th @ 12:33am
Last Quarter ~ September 21st @ 10:41pm
New Moon ~ September 28th @ 2:26pm

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