EyeBelieve Intuitive Messages

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EyeBelieve Intuitive Messages October 2nd, 2019

1/Southern Fire
What perspective are you currently taking on things in your life. Are you feeling bothered by something, are you feeling like whip from a flame keep on flicking at you?

It is time to face the fire! Face it and feel it in all of its transformative power. It is here for you to give it anything and everything you need to let go of. Release that which no longer serves you into the flames, allow Kali Ma to burn it all away, to ashes, to dust.

Like the Phoenix, you will then be able to rise again and ~delight in the light~, coming through the dark. Coming into a new layer, a new version of you.

2/Graceful Breeze
Pat yourself on the back because you deserve it! The work you have been putting in, the dedication and the commitments you have been keeping, wow, you should be proud.

The breeze is flowing right past you, brushing you skin just enough for you to notice the faint sensation of it. That is how your life is going right now. Leaves swim in air right past you and it appears to you as a dance off with the wind.

Keep dancing with the breezes in your life, with the and flow with the elements of life!

3/Mother Earth
You are coming home, your body, your mind, your soul. This connection with your homecoming is what will give you the clarity that you are speaking.

Honing in on what/where to water, to farm; your thoughts, habits and patterns, this will give your time and energy to sharpen your discernment.

Feeling the love of the Mother, the Mother Earth Energy holding you, supporting you, surrounding you…Allow hat energy in and harness the magnetic frequencies that are all around you available ready for you anytime.

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