🌕 Full Moon in Aries | Hunter’s Moon

October’s Full Moon is not just about the supernatural, spooks, witches and wizards, it’s also the Full Hunter’s Moon. October’s Full Moon will be on Sunday, October 13, 2019, reaching its peak at 5:08pm EST. And will appear full for about three days. It will rise from the horizon around sunset and due to the effect of the Earth’s atmosphere, it will appear bigger and brighter. This Full Moon is also known as the Hunter’s Moon; a Full Moon after the Harvest Moon, according to the Farmer’s Almanac; its time to hunt and prepare for winter,

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac wheel, it is ruled by the energy of number one; leadership, ownership, and authenticity. Pluto is pairing you up with this Full Moon in Aries offering us and inviting us in to rise to our greatest potential by shedding all of our old layers and growing into our new version of our selves. Also, there will be several small meteor showers during this lunar cycle; the most notable being the Orionids.

Highlights of October 2019’s Full Moon
🔹Bringing Energies to help cut cords
🔹Flowing waves of release
🔹Support in revealing your passion and gifts
🔹Support in knowing you are safe to be seen
🔹Burn away all limiting beliefs
🔹Light your triple flame of Power, Wisdom and Love
🔹Call back your power
🔹Recognize the difference between sacrifice and support

Working with October 2019’s Full Full Moon
🔹Take time or reflect on what choices and behavior patterns you have been making that are limiting you
🔹Connect with the Moon by reciprocating back what she is shining forth
🔹Harness this potent time to break free from all the illusions around our lives, relationships careers, etc.
🔹Look at where in your life you are sacrificing too much of yourself and take your power back
🔹Become aware of where in life you are making yourself small for the comfort of others and burn that away

Moon phases for September 2019 EDT
First Quarter ~ October 5th
Full Moon ~ October 13th
Last Quarter ~ October 21st
New Moon ~ October 28th

Next Full Moon | November 12

October 2019 | Full Moon in Aries

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