Feel the 11-11 Magic!

On 11-11 feel the master number at work, deepen into your spiritual self, connect with your intuition, the ascended masters, and all the magic!

Use this potent time of the 11-11 portal with the upcoming magic of the rare Mercury transit to work with your spiritual self. Take time to think, reflect, visualize. Partake in ritual, journaling, and meditation, especially around manifesting abundance and prosperity, and calling in that which you desire into your life for the remaining days of 2019 and the point 2020 year.

You could say that November 11th, 2019 is the most magical time of the year. A time of spiritual significance; a powerful time to connect with your higher self, your inner self, and to connect to the spiritual and subconscious gifts, guidance, and knowing. Use this time to connect really sharpen your yes, your no, your discernment and your big why!

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