🌕 Full Moon in Taurus | Frost Moon

This Frost full Moon in Taurus represents down-to-earth energy, beauty, love, luxury and a perfect time to be merry and to treat yourself.

Taurus is ruled by Venus which is governed by love, beauty, sensuality, and money. Full moons represent a time and a sense of completion and being fulfilled, making this time a perfect interval for taking an honest look at where you have been and where you are currently with connection and relationship love and money.

Since this Full Moon is occurring during Mercury retrogradel use this time to connect in and see how you can learn from the past. Journal, meditate, reflect on the past choices you made that you weren’t that fond of and use this energy to transform your choices for the future.

Working with the Full Moon In Taurus:
⥼ Honor the Moon
⥼ Connect to Mother Earth
⥼ Plan and revise current pathways
⥼ Plant the seeds for the future you are calling in
⥼ Refine your aim and
⥼ Reflect on where you are exerting your energy
⥼ Work with your money story (and even call in a new money story)
⥼ Show love and appreciation for your body
⥼ See the beauty in all the World

Remember to take time to look back on and celebrate all that you have accomplished and embodied since the last full moon.

Full Moon in Taurus | Frost Moon
Tuesday, November 12th, 2019
⥼ Down-to-earth energy
⥼ Beauty & Love
⥼ Abundance & Prosperity
⥼ Luxury & Money
⥼ Being merry
⥼ Treating yourself.
⥼ Sensuality & Appreciation
⥼ Morals & Values

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