Life | The Mystery

Throughout my life I have experienced times of pure joy, pride, humility, growth, passion, fear, excitement, gratitude, confusion, loneliness, support, expansion, contraction, and so many more types of feelings and situations.

Even when the times have been so bad and I didn’t see a way out or a way though, I knew there was one, and even when I felt so sad, hurt, frustrated and that I didn’t see a way to feel any better than my lowest low, I was able to connect again with my highest high and my genuine self time and time again. And in the times of grace, flow, ease, I am able to find gratitude, reciprocity and peace time and time again.

I have been told, personal seen, and probably even subconsciously done so myself try to quickly get through the “good” or “bad”, to block out anything undesired, or “icky”, to not ace it, or to lack gratitude completely.

What I believe in is, discernment. What I have come to learn, my personal summary of this is; life is meant to FEEL, experience, embrace, learn, grow, connect, to BELIEVE.

Life | The Mystery

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