Hello! I am super grateful you are here 💚

My name is Jackie Wilushewski, I live in the Pacific Northwest (born & raised). Here in the PNW, nature is abundant is many beautiful ways; this has had a huge impact on my life, who I am, my beliefs, my mission(s) and my hobbies.

EyeBelieve was created as a facet to express my creative essence and to offer my intuition and empathy. It started as a public figure page on Facebook filed with poster quotes and has grown into a brand; a sacred space to offer my gifts and passion to the world.

My passion and purpose is to collaborate in a space that is harmonious, loving and supportive and work with individuals and groups to cultivate self-empowerment. This is the core of EyeBelieve; a mindset where you BELIEVE in yourself.

Have a look around, I hope you enjoy what you see and feel sparked! If you do, reach out to me to connect.

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