MTX | Microsoft Technology Expo | 2019

How to Make Beautiful Dashboards in Power BI

I am excited to be speaking at MTX on how to take your Power BI Reports to the next level. I will walk through the importance of telling a story in your reports, branding, and design principles, plus walk through simple tips & tricks to save you time.

Life | The Mystery

Life | The Mystery

What I believe in is, discernment. What I have come to learn, my personal summary of this is; life is meant to FEEL, experience, embrace, learn, grow, connect, to BELIEVE.

featured-image 11-11

Feel the 11-11 Magic!

On 11-11 feel the master number at work, deepen into your spiritual self, connect with your intuition, the ascended masters, and all the magic!

🌕 Full Moon in Aries | Hunter’s Moon

October’s Full Moon is not just about the supernatural, spooks, witches and wizards, it’s also the Full Hunter’s Moon. October’s Full Moon will be on Sunday, October 13, 2019, reaching its peak at 5:08pm EST. And will appear full for about three days.

New Moon in Libra, September 28th, 2019

🌑 New Moon in Libra | Supermoon

🌑 New Moon in Libra | Supermoon

The New Moon in Libra is creating a beautiful mood of love and romance, of generosity and benevolence. It beckons you to shed light on wounds to heal them, it is calling you to decide and not to sit on the fence.

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