🌑 New Moon in Virgo | Blackmoon

🌑 New Moon in Virgo | Blackmoon

With the Moon and the sun being on the same sides of Earth, the tidal influence is greater. So great, that it will force the River Severn in the UK known as “Severn Bore” to flow backwards; you can expect to see a 10 meter+ wave on Saturday (the day after the New Blackmoon).

With the new Moon in Virgo, this is a great time to get organized and to commit to yourself. Virgo is also the archetype of the Priestess, and often represented by the virgin or maiden.

New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo, 07/31/2019
High potency, tidal influences, love, fun, excitement, miracles, breakthroughs, unexpected changes, calm, laid back energy and positive influence (especially for love and money). This also marks end of mercury retrograde Be patient & cooperative.